What are H2B Visa and How Can I Find Work?

June 4, 2021 0 Comments

A lot of international business people are inquiring what is H-2B Visa? The term H-2B is a quite commonly used term when speaking about foreign outsourcing or domestic hiring of workers from other countries. Generally, it is an agreement under which an employer of an enterprise hires another person on a temporary or permanent basis to work for them in the U.S.. The H-2B Visa nonimmigrant category permits employers to hire foreign laborers to come temporarily into the United States to perform domestic nonagriculture labor or other services on a seasonal, annual, or intermittent basis.


Vanhack – what is h2b visa allows employers to let employers find the right employee or workers when the need arises. For example, many construction companies hire foreign laborers on an on-call basis for specific jobs. On such occasion, they hire a local man to help them build a church, a school, a nursing home or any other structure they want constructed. However, on the onset of bad weather, it becomes difficult to locate such workers. In such cases, the company has the option of hiring an international worker from overseas who can fill the job. This is where the concept of the h-2b visa comes into place.


If you want to learn more about the visa extension program that lets employers find the right candidate. You can also learn about the new visa extension application form that has been simplified. The new form lets you fill up the application form from one of two options – you can either fill up the new request form online by clicking on the links provided or you can download the new request form from the site. Either way, you should not miss out on submitting your request because the clock is ticking for the U.S. authorities to respond to your request.

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