The Sydney Painting Festival 2021

June 2, 2021 0 Comments

Sydney Painting has a rich selection of modern and contemporary artists. Commencing with a solo exhibit at the Gallery Rubiale in Darlinghurst, Australia in June 2021, Sydney Painting continues to present a diverse cross section of contemporary art from across the country and world. With a focus on bringing together different artistic sensibilities and methods, this Australian contemporary arts organization seeks to celebrate and promote the work of many different artists. Each month the organization presents a diverse schedule that includes solo exhibits and group exhibitions as well as media-related events, residential workshops and art summits.

Believe In Your Sydney Painting Skills But Never Stop Improving

In keeping with its commitment to quality and consistent excellence, each program is selected by highly regarded curator, chairpeople and industry colleagues. The first program, held in March, was launched with the goal of creating an influential and creative marketplace for local, independent artists while highlighting the growing importance of art collectors to the Australian economy. This exhibition featured a wide range of work including art and craft produced by local and international artists, including the very well-received exhibition of local painter Rosie Haworth, who was featured in our featured article “Books and Books: The Winner’s Guide”. This exhibition represented the first time that any paintings by contemporary female artists had been showcased in such a prominent manner.

Following a second exhibition, this one was hosted by the Gallery of Modern Art and showcased work by local and international contemporary artists including Oliver Ruesch, Mark Langan and Peter Kelly. A major highlight of this exhibition was a rare sit down chat with renowned contemporary painter, Jenny Diski, who talked extensively about her art and discussed the roles she sees for women in the future. In keeping with the strong community spirit of the times, an after-party followed at the cafe La Pouffe, in which numerous local teenagers were caught up in conversation discussing the politics and power behind the works of their favourite contemporary artists. At this meeting a group of high school students even formed a political club in order to increase support for local businesses and create awareness of local art. The message was clear, local female artists were now receiving the respect and admiration they so richly deserved.

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