Looking for a 20,000 sq. ft.
one-story building with two loading bays and 25 ft. ceilings? Know of a multi-tenant building for sale? Or do you have an industrial building for sale? Do you have industrial space you would like to sub-let?

Brokers, local development corporations, and building owners from our network have joined to develop this comprehensive list of available properties citywide. With such a tight real estate market in New York City, especially for manufacturers, companies can now search here to locate available industrial property.

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If you have available property, call Dana Ruppert at (718) 624-6800 ext 15.

Include your contact information - name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, and website URL if you have one. (This will be kept confidential and released only with your permission.) And then the available property's specifications. Be sure to include the zoning requirements of the property in the description field.

Potential tenants will only be able to search a property by property size and borough location. All other information regarding the property will be released only after a request is made. Your contact information and the address of the building will be withheld from the user until they contact NYIRN with a request.





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You will receive further information on the property, including the contact name and number, via email from the NYIRN administrator within 24 hours.