on the belief that all “stakeholders” in a community can and should contribute to the economic development process.

More than 100 organizations participate in NYIRN’s network to help identify at-risk companies and provide them with services to relocate, improve technology, find employees, access financing to increase their competitiveness and strengthen their commitment to New York. Within its first three years of operations, NYIRN helped more than 500 companies by providing information and provided more than 700 referrals to City, State and local programs. These referrals helped the companies find the services they needed, and helped the network participants to fulfill their missions, whether that was finding jobs for dislocated workers, providing financing for new businesses or attracting companies to an industrial park.

How To Search the Resources Database
Resources for everything from business planning to financing to relocation incentives are available to manufacturers. It is often difficult to find these resources. We have tried to make this process easier by putting all of the resources available to you in one place.

Click here to search for the services available to strengthen manufacturing companies. The resources are searchable by category and by service area and a list of the network participants that provide the service are then listed.

Search the Resource Database
      Becoming a Network Participant


Becoming a Network Participant

The network is open to organizations that are committed to strengthening New York City’s manufacturing sector, encouraging “high road” business strategies and willing to work collaboratively with other network participants.  

Participation creates a series of reciprocal relationships with other network participants. Participants call upon each other for help and respond when a referral is made. This reciprocity helps to expand the resources available to participants and provide them with clients for their services.

If your organization should become part of NYIRN’s network, email us at [email protected] or call us at (718) 624-6800.