Make intelligent decisions about the condition and operation of multiple pools and spas over widespread geographic locations from a single location.

Reduce Gas Consumption

Set back temperatures during periods of non-use. Control temperatures more accurately and eliminate tampering of thermostats.

Reduce Electrical Consumption

Monitor pump runtime and advise of excessive use.

Reduce Chemical Consumption

Maintaining water temperatures at the lowest level greatly reduces chemical consumption.

Extend Pool Heater and Pump Life

Monitor the heaters for excessive temperatures and cycling. Reductions in the run time and temperature control extends the life of the equipment.

The Case for Intelligent Monitoring and Control

When properly managed, utility costs can be reduced 25%. In the case of apartment and condominium projects, energy on average accounts for 30% of operating expenses so the savings are significant - and at a 10% capitalization rate, property value is positively impacted. In addition to the monetary consideration, resident satisfaction / retention is increased and the environment benefits as well.

In the hotel / motel / restaurant industry the impact of monitoring is startling, particularly as it relates to hot water, lighting, heating and air conditioning. The rewards are specific and immediate - optimal efficiency, predictable maintenance cycles, early warning, minimal downtime and complete customer satisfaction - not to mention monetary savings.

Wireless communication provides accurate and actionable information that leads to real and sustainable results.

For a nominal expense (not unlike cable TV or telephone service) better management of utility consumption and operation of systems is at your fingertips. The hardware transmits data to a web based data center where it is analyzed, stored and made available for reports. Automated notifications are sent to alert proper personnel when preset alarm points are triggered. You have complete access and control of multiple properties across wide geographies from anywhere web access is available.

ETE Plus+ Covers all the Bases

Through intelligent automation you can now make informed decisions about the condition of hot water systems with Boiler Buddy®, pool / spa heating and chemistry with Pool Sentry®, lighting systems with Lamplighter®, security gates with Gatekeeper®, and heating and air conditioning with Sky Pod®. All of these systems can be integrated for a total energy management solution.