How To Pay Your Amica Insurance Premium

If you are a customer of Amica Insurance, you have several options to make your premium payments. You can pay:

  • Online: Go to the Amica home page and click the “Login” button on the top of the page to reach the login area for online payments. (We can not link directly to the login page from this site.)
  • By Mail: For Amica auto, home, marine or umbrella insurance policies, send your payment to Amica Mutual Insurance Company, PO Box 9128, Providence, RI 02940-9128. If you have an Amica life insurance policy or retirement product, send your payment to this address: Amica Life Insurance Company, PO Box 9700, Providence, RI 02940-9700.
  • By Phone: The Amica customer service phone number for payments on your auto, home, marine, or umbrella insurance policy is 800-492-6422. (Life insurance and retirement products can not be paid by phone.)


Does Amica take credit cards?

You can make a payment using a bank account, debit or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. (Please note that for annuity payments, you must use a bank account.)

Does Amica Insurance have local agents?

Amica does not sell insurance products using direct insurance agents. ... You won't be dealing with a middle-man if you buy an insurance policy from Amica, you will be dealing with the insurance company directly. The company has 40 local offices and employs over 3,000.

Is Amica Insurance Expensive?

Amica offers its policyholders some of the best rates for home insurance across a wide set of coverage limits. When compared to low cost insurance companies, Amica performs considerably better. ... Amica's rates outperformed Allstate's—the most expensive insurance company in our study— by an average margin of 5.

Is Amica cheaper than Geico?

Amica is lesser known, but has been around longer and offers similar coverage, benefits and discounts. Both insurers offer solid car insurance coverage for almost any driver, including high-risk drivers who need an SR-22. In the battle of Amica versus Geico, Geico has the slight edge for its low rates.