CNC Machining and Precision Technology

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CNC machining refers to a process of machining operations controlled and executed by computer numerical control (CNC) machines. Basically, computer numerical control is the control of machine tools by means of an electronic computer. A CNC machine uses a pre-set instruction set to perform a certain type of machining operation, and thus it is called ‘CNC’. A CNC machine operates without a human operator directly control the machining operation by simply following a pre-determined coded instruction from a computer via a computer terminal or a headset.

How to Know About CNC Machining and Precision Technology

cnc machining


There are two types of CNC machines: open-loop systems and closed-loop systems. The former uses mechanical motion to move a workpiece in a workstation; the latter, a CNC computer, controls the operation of the machine. The best way to differentiate between the two types is to consider the operation of a screw thread fastener on a bolt. Open-loops are made by pulling the nut tightly enough to engage a threaded screw. These machines may use a variety of different CNC machines, such as a drill press and a lathe, and are commonly used in fabricating and other industries. Closed loops, on the other hand, are more precisely controlled and can only be operated with a specific program.

Turning, cutting, drilling, and milling operations are performed by the CNC machines. These are the most widely used operations in manufacturing because the finished products are often of high quality and perfect sizes. In fact, many large industrial companies employ CNC machines to perform all of their manual tasks. The reason for this is that these machines can achieve speeds of up to 200 cm/s, which is much faster than most people would have ever thought possible. For instance, if you want to make a disc out of a CD case, a CNC milling machine would be able to turn the material around numerous times to form a perfectly round disc, which will impress any customer.

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