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July 12, 2021 0 Comments

The Matt Blatt homepage Store is a Melbourne based furniture store that specializes in European and international designs. The store can be found on the main drag in the Melbourne Business Place at the corner of Church street. They are family owned since 1963 and operated by an Australian, John Blatt. The store has been known to specialize in European as well as contemporary designs from countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, and others. They also offer antiques, estate-style furnishings, reproduction pieces, art Deco, and traditional furnishings.

What Your Customers Really Think About Your Melbourne Furniture?

Apart from their store on the Main Street, they have three other furniture stores namely The Oberoi Melbourne Furniture Store, The Fleetwood Gallery Furniture Store, and The Melbourne Furniture Stop Shop. In these three different furniture stores, you will find a wide variety of furniture including bedroom suites, living room furniture, accent furniture, home bar furniture, bar stools, dining room furniture, kids’ furniture, patio furniture, bar stools, and garden furniture. The Oberoi Store has a wide selection of modern and contemporary designs, while the Fleetwood Gallery and The Melbourne Furniture Stop Shop have a range of antique pieces for you to choose from.

Home decor enthusiasts will love the fact that Melbourne is home to some of the most established and talented home decor stores. These furniture stores not only carry quality products but also offer competitive prices. Some of the most popular products from this furniture collection include: The Great Dane furniture collection, The Peterloo collection, The Yarra Valley collection, The Monaro collection, and The Fleay collection. These furniture stores not only sell affordable products, but they also offer good discounts to potential customers. It is no wonder that these furniture stores are known to be one of the leading home decorating retailers in Australia as well as internationally.