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Buying or Selling a Business  
NYIRN helps owners who have decided to sell their business to find qualified buyers who will commit to keeping the business in New York. As part of these services, NYIRN may help to arrange financing for the buyer.

This page lists companies that are for sale. (See below.) NYIRN works with network participants to find potential buyers which might include other companies in the area, graduates of entrepreneurial training programs, and community groups that want to combine their social objectives with entrepreneurial talents.

Network participants and other potential sellers should contact Michael E Katz at (718) 624-6800 ext. 26 or email to [email protected] if they know of a company that might be for sale.

Companies for Sale
Approximate Sales
Asking Price
Machinery Manufacturer
$5M $3.1M
Leather Goods
$900K $400K Seeking Equity Ptnr
Premium Jams & Jellies
$1.5M $500K-$1MSeeking Equity
Luggage Importer
$1M $750K
Herbal Health Tonic Mfg
$200K $160K
Graphic Design Licensing Co.  
$2M $500K

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