Health Benefits Of Hemp Soap

November 1, 2021 0 Comments

If you’re tired of buying commercial skin care products that contain harmful chemicals, then you should start using hemp soap. Natural soap is an excellent way to treat your own body for all of the incredible benefits that natural hemp has to offer. hemp soap is super easy on your skin, and extremely moisturizing for two primary reasons. First, hemp soap isn’t created by using the steam distillation method which is the more common method. In this method, a solution of water and hemp seed is heated up and then forced through a pressurized container, often times with metal rods to force the steam through.

The Ugly Truth About Health Benefits Of Hemp Soap

hemp soap


This product is very much different from most soaps out there because hemp soap isn’t stripped of its nutrients and essential oils, it’s simply heated to a temperature where they can be absorbed into your pores. This also means that no harsh chemicals or ingredients are used in the making of these soaps. With most soaps, some form of sodium lauryl sulfate or laureth sulfate is used as an additive to make the soap feel softer and smoother when you wash it. This is a chemical that feels very unnatural on your skin, and is extremely irritating to say the least. Hemp soaps don’t have any of these artificial additives, and as a result have none of the irritating properties.

Most importantly, hemp soap doesn’t contain any dyes, colours, or fragrances. This makes hemp soaps ideal for anyone who’s sensitive to these kinds of additives and chemicals in other forms of bath soap. Although hemp soap is usually more cheaper than regular commercial soap brands, it’s worth checking out the organic brands if you want to go a step further and avoid the common problems that come with other commercial varieties. Organic hemp soap will be made without using any synthetic chemicals, and will be free from added fragrances and preservatives. This way, it’s safe to say that there’s no better alternative for consumers looking to buy a pure form of hemp soap.