Large Format Digital Printing Services

September 22, 2021 0 Comments

Large format digital printing refers generally to the digital printing of large-sized materials which are usually viewed as being beyond the limits of the most widely available printing presses. In this type of printing the image is printed in a large format and then sent via laser or inkjet to a printing press, where it is pressed and turned into a physical format. Typically, the images are produced on a plate-glass or aluminum plate in either fully-laminated or semi-laminated finishes.

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large format digital printing


Large-format prints are a boon to businesses that need to produce high-quality graphics for marketing, signage, exhibit design, and interactive media solutions. Such digital prints can be used for a wide range of purposes apart from commercial applications. They can be created as acrylic prints, poster-size paintings, posters, catalogs, advertising posters, banner stands, banners, billboards, sign frames, magazine covers, calendars, annual reports, school projects, brochures, directories, self-help guides, travel guides, and also corporate presentations. Most of the large format digital printing services offer canvas printing services, which print the images on premium quality canvas. The images can be used for interior or exterior decorations of commercial buildings, for monument signs, for brand packaging and promotion collateral, for brand packaging and display, for internet marketing, for corporate-sponsored events, and for brochures, booklets, and directory publication.

Large-format prints can be made into a variety of finishes. They can be produced in full color with silver, gold, or bronze inks or in full color with a variety of other finishes. They can even be coated with luminous paint for an ultra-modern look. The coating can be a Matt, a semi-gloss, or a gloss, and the colors can be utilized as per client specifications. Some companies even offer the option of incorporating one-of-a-kind imagery and/or designs. Modern technology is used in most of the modern large format digital printing processes to ensure that all the requirements of the customer are met and to get the desired results.