Build Access Towers at the Highest Standards

July 22, 2021 0 Comments

If you’re employed with high tower scaffolding, PASMA training is highly recommended because it ensures safe best practise is followed on site. Working at height commercial regulations apply globally to those working on a site where there’s a risk of an accidental fall, which can result in serious bodily injury or even death. For this reason, it’s essential that all employees who use high towers undergo PASMA training as this will test their skills and ensure they’re fit and safe to work with. It might also benefit you to take PASMA safety courses to improve your understanding and application of safety procedures when on site.

How To Use Pasma Training To Desire

PASMA offers a range of courses designed to help you prepare for working on tall buildings including PASMA Basic Training which teaches the basic principles of using a PASMA powered access system and PASMA Qualification training for tower contractors and supervisors, which include everything from the basics of human physiology and anatomy to more complex topics such as work safety, emergency procedures and fall protection techniques. In addition to these, PASMA Safety Courses provides a comprehensive guide to using PASMA powered access platforms and PASMA Expert Training which covers advanced topics such as emergency rescue, fall protection and prevention and response. With PASMA courses, you will be able to identify areas of risk for your business and develop a strategy to minimise risks and keep premises, personnel and visitors safe and secure.

PASMA is the global leader in offering training courses which are relevant to the construction industry. It also works closely with the Construction Skills Certification Board (CSCB) to ensure that candidates studying for PASMA certification receive the highest level of quality and best practices training to benefit employers and consumers alike. So, whether it’s in your region or across the world, if you want to meet all of your building access tower requirements at the highest standards, PASMA has the course for you. So don’t wait – start your training now!