Property improvements

Property improvements

If you're thinking about selling in the long term, it is worth considering improvements that could help the prospects of making a quick sale. Updating your kitchen or bathroom can be a good move that can help sell and add value to your home. So are adding central heating and loft insulation.

But costly additions like swimming pools may actually hinder the sale - they're a lot of hassle and can put off families with children.

Neat and tidy

In the short term, there are a number of things that can improve your chance of a sale. A tidy front garden and new outside paintwork are small but valuable improvements - remember, first impressions really do count.>

Light and neutral colours inside are good - bear in mind that whereas you might like vibrant colours, they are not to everyone's taste.

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Home sales witnessed a slight rise

Home sales witnessed a slight rise

Despite the anxious state of affairs in the market, home sales witnessed slight rise in September as compared to the sales during the same time last year. The rise has been the highest in last four years as the property prices saw a continual decline and the mortgage rates also remained low which was followed by swift sale of condominiums especially along the coast.

The overall sales still remained below average by almost 30 percent while the home price measures continued to plummet. The median sale price in Miami real estatealso saw a fall of 17 percent on year over year basis.

September also saw about 7,427 new and resale units including condominiums shut escrow in the Miami Dade, Broward Counties and Palm Beach. This saw a 3.7 percent fall as compared to August, however being 2.8 percent up as opposed to September 2009. The figures have been released by the MDA DataQuick, a San Diego based firm that tracks real estate trends across the nation through public property records.

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Do-It-Yourself or DIY Debt Consolidation

Do-It-Yourself or DIY Debt Consolidation

Instead of going for some debt consolidation loan or debt consolidation program or service, you may be able to reduce the cost of your debts yourself with some effort and care. You may be able to negotiate better loan terms with your present lenders, or maybe you can switch some of your debt from a dearer card you have to a cheaper card you have.

1. Talk to your present lenders.

If you are finding that your present debts are too expensive, then your best option is first to talk to your lenders. As they will want your debt to be repaid rather than you filing for bankruptcy, they may well be very willing to offer you much better loan terms.

Before contacting your lenders, try to work out how much you need to reduce your debt costs so that you can handle them. If you decide that you need to cut repayment costs for your debts by say 20% or 40% then you can send their customer services the following in a letter or email ;

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